In the works

I'm not sure why I've been gone for so long - clearly I've been busier settling into my life here in DC with Louie and my sweetie that I realized.

I recently took stock of my WIPs - and I'm almost ashamed to admit that there are seriously too many. I'm obviously the kind of crafter who likes to have MANY projects going at once. But aren't we all?

This weekend my sweetie is going to a wedding in Florida. I opted to sit this one out as it's kind of pricey to get there and stay there and we didn't want have to find someone to watch Louie. I love going to weddings but I'm definitely looking forward to not traveling this weekend. I plan to hang out with Louie and do lots of sewing, knitting, and movie watching.

A few sneak peeks of some of my projects. This one below is the Jelly Stars quilt pattern - it looks much more complicated than it is! I'm going to be doing vibrant stars with probably a linen background and a yummy flannel backing. This one will be living with us!

These Swoon blocks are complicated (LOTS of pressing) but look so lovely! These ones are being made into a present for a friend. More details to come...

I'll post more pictures and more updates this weekend!