Drum roll please...
My quilt is finished! Here is my very first quilt - I absolutely loooove it. It's pretty big (60" x 72") and is perfect for naps. The only tough spots are on the binding - but who cares!


Lessons Learned

So I didn't get that job I interviewed for. I'm pretty disappointed; however, I found myself feeling especially creative and with a strong need to be productive. My quilt is coming along REALLY well and I've also started two others!

On another note, no new items from my shop have sold. I'm thinking that I need to retake my pictures AGAIN and really spend some time on them AND I need to advertise more.

Stay tuned for pictures...


Follow me

I'm now on Twitter! Follow me at lilolivebranch.



I did it - the shop is officially open! Go take a look at Little Olive Branch.


Another week ahead

Why is it that even though I don't have anything - per se - tomorrow, Sunday night is always still yucky???

Made AMAZING progress on the quilt today. Now thinking that I might eventually make this a hobby. More to sell on Etsy? (Oy.)

Bags have not been selling - I think that tomorrow I'm going re-do my pictures. I'm really not happy with them and that's THE most important part of the shop. Also, finally got the fabric ink today and will be making hang tags for some new items so that Little Olive Branch can finally open.

More craftiness awaits tomorrow. Plus probably running (need to get back on my routine - I've been so bad!), swimming, job searching (but maybe I'll hear good news...), and just general keep-myself-business.

Will post some pictures of quilt and new bags tomorrow.


Quilt pattern

Just wanted to share the quilt pattern I'll be using to make my first quilt. It's sooo cute: Billie quilt from Melly & Me.

She's back

Back from the job interview and it went great. They received 200 applications and only interviewed 6 people. I'm insanely qualified so I hope the others aren't. Should hear by the end of the week...Ugh. In the meantime, I need to keep myself crazy busy so I don't go nuts thinking about if I got the job or what.

More projects coming soon. I'm just waiting for my woven fabric labels then the new shop will be able to open!



An un-shop-related announcement: I have a job interview next week at an organization I've always admired. Send me good luck vibes! (Hopefully all will go well and Little Olive Branch will relocate soon.)


getting closer

We're getting closer to the opening of my shop! My moo mini cards came today and they look GREAT! I'm going to get labels AND make my own (after seeing how another Etsy artist stamped plain bias tape with their logo and made a side tag, I'm inspired to do the same).

On another note, I had been planning on making the Field Bag from Amy Butler but after getting some of the supplies and figuring it all out, it's a) too expensive to make and then expect to sell for a profit and b) more complicated than I'd like. Oh well - live and learn. I'll use the fabric I bought for it to make other things.

Going to make a quilt for napping - it'll be my first quilt and though it won't be for sale on Etsy, I'll blog about it here.


happy 4th!

hope everyone is having a lovely independence day. spent some time outside training the dogs with the invisible fence (well, louie learned last summer because the idiot from the fence company shocked him too long and he got traumatized and now mostly stayed near the deck).

picked out some new patterns, mostly amy butler ones. i like to make at least 3 of something and put it in the shop. otherwise, it's looks sad and lonely.

also, have been playing around with the fake ttv stuff some more. i really
like the way it looks and will probably incorporate into my shop somehow. not really with the items but maybe logo and stuff.


more computer creativity

well, i did it. i put up all the items i've completed into Peaceknits. phew.

i also read about doing fake TTV pictures (you know, when it looks like an old picture through a frame?). i downloaded gimp (AMAZING - now i can actually edit pics) and read about doing this from some blog.

here's my test and i think it looks pretty cool!

something to tempt you...


I did it!!! I took advantage while the sun was shining and took photos of all my items currently ready to ship. I'm going to be putting them up throughout the day so keep checking back on Peaceknits! :)



I guess I'm more tech-savvy than I realized! Do you like the new banner? I used it AND made an avatar for the shop. Woohoo! (Thanks BannerFans)


I'm stuck inside, acting mopey. Look at this gorgeous pile of goodies! Wish it was sunny outside so I could take pictures and post them on Etsy. Guh.

I really should take advantage of the rain and read up on more seller tips on Etsy. They have great resources.

In the meantime, I've also been downloading and testing fonts for my shop. There are so many! I already have Moo cards come (http://www.moo.com) but need to make a banner, avatar, etc. I had a great designer do my Peaceknits one and I'm thinking of asking her to
do one for the new shop. In the meantime, I'm downloading fun fonts.

Fortunately, I have these guys to keep me company in this dreary weather!


it's still raining. ahhh! it seems like i'll never get to take pics of all my new items. ::sigh::


good morning indeed

possibly good news coming on the job front. old boss knows head of program that had an opening i applied for. cross you fingers for me!

another sort of rainy, cloudy day. job searches and sewing.


can't sleep.

(yes, it may be early for some but not for this girl who prefers her morning. be quiet, brain!)

maybe i should look up more stuff for my shop...