Dear large-institution-that-will-not-be-named-where-I-applied-for-a-job:

I understand that you receive many, many job applications and in turn, must send out a ridiculous amount of rejection letters (emails). However, I believe it to be in seriously poor form when sending a rejection letter to an applicant with the wrong name/address (obviously of another applicant) still included.

We all know you send form letters but this makes us feel even more awful that we already do.

So don't be assholes and make sure you proofread.



(Off to go do something that makes me feel like an individual. And trying to internalize the quote below.)

Every day may not be good but there’s something good in every day. – Unknown


More musings

My sweetie and I had a lovely weekend with his folks. They spoiled us rotten with entertainment and food. I'm still contemplating the wonderful lessons from the Dalai Lama's talk. Now it's back to reality (aka figuring out how to make pasta exciting and watching Louie for fun).

It's hot here. This makes me so happy. Mmm, summer.

I got a little promotion at work. Nothing major but every little bit helps, right?

I scrapped the circles and have decided to go with one big wonky log cabin.

Things that have me laughing right now: Smitten Kitchen's adorable baby; this awesome book of essays (which I normally don't like but this makes me laugh out loud, prompting bizarre looks from subway companions).

It's been one year since I finished graduate school. This is probably the most bittersweet issue in my life right now.

Now is the right time. – Lotus Sutra


The Process

Rossie posted a little while back about documenting the process of quilting, all the way from thinking of the layout and the fabric, through the cutting and piecing stages, up until the very end of the final shot (typically out of the washing machine).

I like this idea a lot as I'm always curious about what inspires people. I also am a big believer/follower of process learning and find that I get the most out of an experience if I focus on the project. Professionally (as someone trained in conflict resolution) I think it's arguable that the process is the most important part.

So I'm joining in, taking Rossie's process pledge (you'll notice the nifty new widget on the side). You'll see more about my processes here soon.

Shamless self promotion

I'm featured by the guest writer, Allison, on today's "Pick Five" post over at Quilting Bee Blocks! Check it out here. (The blocks were made for Rachel for her month of Fresh Comfort Two!)

Woohoo! :)



External disarmament is not possible without internal disarmament. ~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama (23 May 2010, Radio City Music Hall, New York City)


So many good things

That's what this post is full of...wonderful things!

Firstly, here is my Laura Gunn version of the New Wave Quilt in all it's glory.

Isn't it yummy? I'm loving it. And now it's sitting with its other Laura Gunn friend on our sofa. Yay! (I love matching - pillows are in the works...).

It's gorgeous outside so I jumped out on to our patio and took pictures of our big organic herb pot. They're looking good and I'm sure will taste even better!

My sweetie's parents are coming this weekend for a visit. It'll be the first time they've seen our apartment! We have big cleaning plans that I started today (as you know you all do when parents come to town) and while we normally are tidy, I'm amazed at how nice the place looks even just with a good vacuuming and mopping (this all occurred, by the way, because Louie is at the groomers and therefore I'm free to vacuum and mop without him terrorizing me and the appliances during the process - I don't know what it is but he's OBSESSED). See, even the dog will be shiny and new. ;-)

We have lots of fun plans: Billy Elliot, the Dalai Lama, and yummy restaurants of course. We're going to be spoiled over the next few days, I can just tell. In another couple of weeks, my sis will be moving here to start her summer internship and MY folks will get their turn. Can't wait!

Gotta go - a bunch more errands, cleaning, running (it's GORGEOUS out!), emails/job stuff and hopefully some sewing. I'm so behind on working on my Pillow Talk Swap pillow!

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. – Buddha



Today is a quiet day. I'm sure that many of you find this hard to believe since I live in one of the loudest, busiest, most crowded places on earth but here in my little corner of the city, it's quiet.

No work today. Some rain, some sun, some clouds. Crock pot bubbling. Mmm.

Today consisted of a bunch of activities, but they all flowed beautifully together and I never felt overwhelmed. I'm really trying to focus on mindfulness as I think this is the key to managing my anxiety.

Other helpful things: Louie...

Books (so many wonderful choices)...

A newly completed quilt, fresh out of the dryer (mmm, crinkly goodness!)...
I will take more pictures tomorrow, I swear (need better lighting and a good place to display the whole thing in all its glory).

On another note, I'm going to start putting a quote at the end of each post. Just a quote I like, maybe that is related to something I post about, but maybe not. Sometimes we need a little inspiration/motivation/contemplation.

What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what gets you out of bed in the mornings, what you do with your evenings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything. ~ Pedro Arrupe



Oh bento boxes. Clearly, you and I don't get along. Even though I lined you up, followed directions, etc. you still didn't come out the way you were supposed to! Blame it on my lack of spatial comprehension (or something...)

These were done for Alek for Quilting newBEES. She sent awesome Kaffe Fassett squares to be surrounded by a load of Kona Cotton strips. She wanted modified bento boxes (which are basically log cabins, quartered, and reassembled). No matter what I did, these never really came out right. Sigh. Oh well - maybe they can be used on the back of the quilt...


Weekend happenings

Today was a busy day. My sweetie and I ran errands, the highlight of which was buying organic herbs to plant on our patio! Woohoo! (Note: send me good green-thumb vibes as I think I've killed every other plant I've ever owned. Fortunately herbs don't require much care.)

I went to a bridal shower today of a college friend whose wedding I unfortunately can't attend... because it's in Hawaii. Yep, on the North Shore (near where they film LOST!). She's originally from Chicago, IL and her fiance is Australian and Hawaii is basically mid-way. I would LOOVE LOOOVE LOOOVE to go but again, my bank account says otherwise. However, it was so fun to go to her bridal shower (which was a "bridal tea") and see old college friends who always make me feel good, no matter what. I looooooved college and it will always be a special and magical place. Somedays I really wish I could just go back.

Now my sweetie is at a soccer game and me and the dog are home vegging out (and maybe doing some quilting) because I have to go to work at 7 am tomorrow.

Who is ready for a real job with real money and real weekends? ::raising hand::

Hope YOU have a good Sunday.


Everyone needs a summer scarf

I love this. I might have to make one. (Image and instructions here.)

What do you say, bank account? Just one little yard of Liberty of London Tana Lawn...

Oh, the silent treatment. I see. Hmph.


To Do (a sampling from the never-ending list)

1. Research volunteer opportunities
2. Job search (duh)
3. Laundry
4. Start scheming...I mean planning for Pillow Talk Swap partner
5. Organize/put away wool
6. Reorganize fabric
7. Relist bags for Etsy?
8. Stuff to sell on eBay
9. Emails to grad school peeps who are graduating
10. Look up stretching/yoga for shoulder blades
11. Set up new desk (hurrah!)
12. Vacuum
13. Work on baby quilts
14. Budget (ha)
15. Figure out life
16. Make dinner

Make a mess

...clean it up.

I'm trying to clean up my mess. So to speak.

Back soon.




I had these grand plans today to do a long post, with pictures of knitting, fabric, quilts, you name it. I made us these really cute napkins, worked on same baby quilt tops, and almost finished the backing for the New Wave Quilts. So much to share!

But obviously that didn't happen.

I had too much else to do and have been feeling a little discombobulated this week (who knows why) so sorry about the lack of action here.

This morning I got so frustrated with a number of things, and for the last few hours I've gotten crankier because I have to go into work for a few hours.

But then I looked over at this little face. How can you not smile???

Not just TGIF but also TGIL = thank god it's Louie.

Happy weekend!



I'm sooo excited that Elizabeth wrote a book! Woohoo! Her pattern and general quilting instructions are some of the best out there. Congrats!

(And yep, I'm really up this early. Morning shift for work. Oy.)



After what feels like an official start to summer (temps near 90 these past few days) we woke up to a downpour. Sticky, hot summer-like rain. Fortunately it seems to be letting up... Hard to enjoy sandal-worthy temps when the rain stirs up all the mud/gunk here on the streets of NYC. Yech.

Anyway...this weekend seemed to fly by. On Saturday, I met a wonderful bunch of women a the New York City Metro Modern Quilt Guild at our second meet at Victoria's loft. And great news! We're featured today on the Modern Quilt Guild website! (And there's a picture of yours truly with one of my New Wave quilt tops.)

I did very little sewing but a number of other things were crossed off the to do list. Most importantly, we swapped air conditioners with a very nice couple. Our windows have security bars that prevent us from using a window unit (which we had) and instead we needed to get a portable floor one (which this other couple had since they USED to live in an apartment with windows like ours). We made a successful swap - woohoo! Now, Louie and I are sitting here enjoying the nice cool air instead of just the humidity.

There was some grocery shopping, some furniture rearranging (then re-rearranging...don't ask) and a few hours of work (ugh). I'll be working a lot the next few days so excuse the radio silence. I'll be back with some pictures of my latest WIPs - I promise!