She's back!

...and married! And back to crafting. Keep checking in as I plan to get back to blogging this fall. :-)

For now, you can see what took up so much of my time for the last year and a half - and was worth every second...

Brendon & Ruth's Wedding from Tammy Swales Studio on Vimeo.


Almost a Mrs.

...well, technically not, because I'm not changing my name. But you get the idea! ;-)

Yep, my wedding is now only 8 days away (ahem, that's where I've been since the last post...planning!)

A lovely colleague of mine, who works in one of my project's offices in East Timor, sent me flowers as congrats/best wishes! So sweet (and amazing that from half way around the world, she simply logged on to a website and ordered me flowers that are now on my desk in Bethesda, MD).

Likely won't be posting again 'til after the honeymoon (island hopping in Hawaii!). Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.


Checking In

I'm here. There's been lots of work travel and lots of wedding planning but very little crafting.

No worries - it's all still there and waiting for me when things calm down.

Some pics from my recent travels to Thailand and East Timor.



Today I am 30. Whoa! 

Here's to starting a great decade. :-)



Here's to a fabulous year ahead!

* turning 30 (in 8 days!) * getting married * going to Hawaii * new job (same company) * more yoga * running and toning * quilting * knitting * ski lessons in Denver * sister blog * 365 project * more cooking and baking * more pictures * getting my shop up and running again * blogging! * thailand * east timor * seeing more friends * maybe a new craft? (cross stitch, crochet, embroidery, fabric design) * biking and more outdoors activities * French * planning a trip to Kenya for 2014 * house hunting (!) * canning * love, patience, kindness, compassion, honesty, determination, enthusiasm, creativity *

Happy New Year and thanks for visiting, always :-) xoxo