Summer and all things lovely

So yeah. I'm a bad blogger. But as my real life makes me sit in front of one of these screens for extensive periods, I find that while there is lots of crafting, cooking, playing outside, etc. I'm not really in the mood to spend more time in front of these time-sucking machines than necessary. I promise you, I think about blogging often!

But seriously, as the weather gets nicer and work truly does mean a full day in front of the computer, I'm less inclined to hang out here. I know you understand.

Life is good. Busy but good. Wedding planning continues leisurely (we're almost hitting the 1 year mark though so it'll kick into high gear soon). There are plenty of quilty and recently rediscovered knitting projects, cooking and drinking, and general warm weather enjoyment. At the end of this week, we're off to Maine, for what will be our 3rd summer trip together. Lobsters, sand, nature, books, friends, and general relaxation, even for Louie.

hope everyone is enjoying the start to summer. I've found that I obsessively document my life, regardless of how interesting others may find it...

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