What do you do?...

...when you're feeling kind of blue? I love to...

- Listen to funny podcasts
- Watch mindless TV
- Eat goodies (this moment's feature: Candy Corn!)
- Do some crafting (quilts, hand sewing hexies, knitting a cashmere scarf)
- Read a light-hearted novel

Sigh. Just one of those days.


Sneak peeks

Here's a little hint of some projects I've been working on.

All of these items will eventually make their way into my shop...stay tuned!


More goodies...
...in my shop!



I've been thinking about how to promote/spruce up my Etsy shop and was hoping that some of you readers had advice? Etsy itself has a wealth of information but I figure the more info I can get from people, the better.

Specifically, do you have tips about photographing your work? How about marketing/promoting? In terms of products, are there certain things - fabric arts related - that you feel are lacking on Etsy? What catches your eye?

I'm looking to really keep the shop full of quilts - including lap sized but I'm not sure how to financially get those going - as well as bags and maybe little goodies.



Today's agenda

I find myself with a real weekend. Yep, 2 whole days without work. Woohoo!

- add finished quilts to the shop
- bind another adorable baby quilt
- dream of ways to play with new fabric sent by mom (pics to come...)
- hang out with my sweetie and Louie
- movie?
- dinner out (!)

What are your weekend plans?


Hi there

Wow, it's been quiet around here. Sorry about that. I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I've been dealing with a whole bunch of stuff and haven't really had time or much to write. I have, however, been crafting and have re-opened my Etsy shop. I have a bunch of unfinished projects that are calling to me and will be added to the shop soon. Keep checking back as I add more stuff, hopefully a little bit each week.

Check out the new goodies here.



Even though I'm a grown-up (well, supposedly, right?), going back to the house I grew up in always feels like "home." I'm here, in Upstate NY, for a few days, relaxing and being taken care of in only the way that parents could (especially when you're only a few years away from 30...)

While the weather leaves less to be desired, it's still so comforting and nice to be home. I know where all the dishes go, I can make daily (or even more) trips to the local grocery store, and things don't seem to change (which both frustrates and comforts me - go figure). My sweetie will be heading here tonight and we'll finish out the weekend at our respective family's houses - 3 blocks from each other!

Louie is having a ball, playing with Winston, my parents' dog who happens to be Louie's younger brother. The two of them fell into their old routine from last summer within about 5 minutes. I've been here less than 24 hours and have already laughed my butt off at the two of them.

For those of you who celebrate (we do in a minimal way), l'shana tovah (or Happy New Year, to those of you not familiar with the Hebrew). The Jewish New Year is rung in with apples, honey, and warm cozy favorites. I'm off to that wonderful grocery store to pick up some brisket and other goodies. Then it's time for haircut/hair color. Yes, even though I live in one of the most stylish places, I still come back here to get my hair done. These people have known me forever and it's wonderful to be able to catch back up with them. Not to mention, they know exactly what I like when it comes to my crazy, unruly hair.

I'm also looking forward to taking advantage of my mom's sewing room - yep, she has a whole room for sewing! I will try to get all those bee blocks finished (sheepish head drop) and have some other little crafty things to work on.

What are you up to this weekend?

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. – unknown


So behind

These days I feel like I'm behind in so many things: crafty stuff, catching up with people, blogging, and just my life in general. Schools are starting for so many people and while I'm no longer a student, fall always feels like the start of something. Well, usually. This year, I feel like I'm still treading water. I have some things in the works but mostly my life is still in limbo. Hopefully things will progress soon.

I'm terribly behind on my bee stuff. Ugh, so sorry friends! Will try to get working on those soon. I did however get started on a new knitting project - just a simple scarf and realized that I should keep up knitting year round (typically I'm just a fall/winter knitter)...

I finished and delivered the tee shirt quilt...without taking a final pic. Doh! Once I get Erica to take one, I'll make sure to post it here. She loved it and I'm glad that I was able to help her with such a special project.

My sweetie and I were all the way out - and up! - in Salt Lake City this past weekend for a wedding of one of his friends. The bride and groom said their vows on top of a mountain under a glorious sky. It was definitely one of the nicest ceremonies that I've seen and while it took FOREVER to get there (curse on non-direct flights), I'm glad we were there to celebrate with them. Not to mention we were able to take a chair-lift up to the ceremony! Here are some pics!

I'm heading back Upstate to visit my family this weekend. I haven't been there since March which is waaaaaay too long. My head is spinning so I'm looking forward to a chance to chill...

I'm here!

Things have been crazy busy. And seem to remain that way...

I promise I'll post soon. Hope everyone (in the States) had a lovely holiday weekend. Fall has arrived! :)