I will be leaving NYC one week from tomorrow. Fortunately, I'll be back soon - and often, as my sweetie will be staying here in our apartment, at least for a little while. Also, my sister will be moving here in July!

Anyway, there's a bunch of things I have planned - crafty and not - for my last week here. The weather has finally turned to spring (almost summerlike, actually!) so all the more reason to get out and take advantage of the city.

Firstly, I decided that it was a little ambitious (and frankly unnecessary) to make another quilt to use on my bed in DC since I already have one that will be perfect. While I've been having a good time working on a new quilt top, it's big and involved and I'm thinking that I don't want to rush it. And frankly, don't want to be glued to the sewing machine my last week in the city. Don't get me wrong, of course I love it but I'm worried that's all I would be doing which is silly. I would love to try my hand at sewing a skirt or simple dress as I already have some fabric and patterns but I'm thinking that's also a big undertaking. I think I'll just continue to work on the never-ending stack of WIPs that I already have in my fabric cabinet. I'm not bringing my sewing machine to DC right away but I may bring some embroidery and/or knitting. We'll see...

Other things on the agenda: dog park (as many days as possible since this is Louie's last week here too!); manicure/pedicure; dinner at our favorite neighborhood spot; stocking up on some NYC faves (Zabar's coffee); and a number of get-together dates with friends. It's hard to believe that I'm almost leaving - I feel like I just got the offer! These 6 weeks have flown by...

And then we came to the end

Tomorrow is my last day of retail work. HURRAY!!!! I've been lucky - I work in a lovely store with fun people that sells great stuff (with a nice discount). It could have been way worse. However, I can't even begin to describe to you all the euphoria that comes with knowing tomorrow is my LAST DAY. It's been quite an experience.

I'll be back later with some other crafty stuff and more details about what I have planned for my last week in NYC. Whoa!


3 weeks

Exactly 3 weeks from today I will be moving back to DC. Whoa.

It's been one crazy week. Plans for Passover, stomach bug, oversleeping one morning (oops), and death of a family member. In between all the madness was finalizing travel plans (to my parents house, to see my sister graduate, and then to DC), crazy spring weather, another friend getting a job (hurray!), and just the day-to-day stuff. Needless to say, there hasn't been too much crafting (but there has been lots of TV watching). Today I basted and started to quilt the Supernova quilt, as I want to get it done before I leave in a few weeks. It will be staying here with my sweetie. :)

My grandmother - my last living grandparent - passed away on Wednesday. She had been in a nursing home for a number of years with dementia. I made peace with her illness and ultimately the loss of the woman I actually remember from my childhood a long time ago. She died peacefully and painlessly after a long, fruitful life at the age of 91. She was always creative and quirky: visits to her apartment in Queens were filled with singing showtunes at the piano, wearing crazy hats, plenty of delicious sweets (Seven Layer Cake and other classic Jewish desserts) and crafts of all kind. She mostly painted but was always into art in general, buying me many a gift from the Met's gift shop. She definitely has influenced my own creativity and I'm sure she's so proud of my developing skills as a crafter and the person I've become in general. The funeral will be on Sunday (we're Jewish so Easter has no bearing on the plans, though we're not very religious so Passover doesn't dictate where/what we can eat after) and will be small. My grandma was filled with hilarious phrases and quirks - I look forward to sharing wonderful stories about her life with family and friends in a few days. She embodied so much of what is familiar about New York City Jewish culture (not to mention she was a constant source of Yiddish phrases) and always made me feel like living in NYC, even though she lived in a nursing home outside the city, bonded us in a small way. I know she's still singing along to "Carousel" and "Guys and Dolls" somewhere...

To Edna, and all her creativity. 1919-2011. xoxo.


Featured - again!

Happy (very early) Monday to everyone. Make sure you go check out Melanie's post on Sew, Mama, Sew - I'm featured! :) A big thanks to Melanie!


Big tops

I have 2 tops to show you today. One is from the lovely ladies of Bee-Stitched, which has actually been done for a while now. It came out great - thanks ladies!

I also just finished my Supernova top - and it's so awesome (and huge, as you can see - my sweetie is holding it up and he's 6'4"!).

Sorry for the dark pics - I just wanted to take some quick shots and it's pretty gloomy outside so we just snapped some in our apartment. I'll take better pics once they're all done.

And just another Louie glamour shot, snuggling with a quilt (yep, he did this himself!).



So I started another quilt. I know, I know. How many projects can one person undertake at once? I felt inspired. It happens. Maybe it's because I've been reading Patti Smith's book and it's filled with creative juiciness. She writes beautifully! Not to mention I love reading about NYC back in the day. She still lives here apparently. I bet if I hung out at the Strand or MoMA, I'd spot her - $10 says she lives down there.

Anyway, this new quilt top is awesome and huge. Well, it's not huge yet but it will be. Current calculations put it at about 90" square. I know, I'm crazy. But I have so many awesome fabrics that I wanted to use, and after the huge success of my last big quilt, I can't imagine making another small one right now. I'm also thinking that if I really keep it moving, it'll be done before I leave for DC and I can use it on my bed (I think that I'm almost set for housing - it's with a friend which is nice and super cheap but I'll have to get a twin bed. Good thing I'm little!). The only problem will be backing. I'd really like to not purchase any but I'm not sure I have the patience (or the right fabrics) for the back. Anyone want to give away some fabric? Preferably just big pieces of solids or really modern prints? Figured I'd throw it out there... I'm too lazy right to take pictures but I'll get around to it. It's using mostly Habitat and Innocent Crush fabrics in various sized squares. Yum!

Anyway, I have exactly 10 work shifts left (hurrah!) and about 3 weeks (I think...still finalizing the travel plans) left in NYC. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm really looking forward to this job but it's a huge life change - back to DC when I thought I'd be here in NYC for a while, starting without my sweetie after living together for a year and a half, and so many other little things. But I know it will all be OK eventually. If there's one thing I've learned this past year and half, it's patience.

It will probably be quieter around these parts once I move. If I move into the room I think that I'm moving into, I won't be taking my sewing machine, at least initially. Since *my* space will be small (and temporary) I won't really have room for it and all the associated items. I'm actually OK with that as I know it'll only be a quick bus ride away here in NYC. I plan on taking some embroidery stuff with me and armed with my Kindle, I'll have plenty of non-work related ways to relax. I know that the first few weeks will mostly consist of work, eat, sleep as I get used to a new job, life back in DC, etc. so I know I'll be OK. Not to mention, I have lots of people to catch up with, new restaurants to try, fabric stores to scope out...

It's my sweetie's birthday on Sunday and we're heading to one of our favorite bar-b-que places (there's one back where we grew up too) for dinner.

Have a great, fun, creative weekend everyone!


Mid-week musings

It's a rainy, spring day here in NYC (as I assume it is in many parts of the Northern hemisphere) and I'm happy to be home from a morning at work, just now lounging around. As I get closer to my departure date, I'm taking care of little things here and there: clothes sorting (which I try to do every season anyway), file clearing (always feels so good), and all the other associated tasks that come with relocating. Fortunately, I've lived in DC before (for grad school) so it's not unfamiliar territory though working there will certainly be different than student life. Also, I was lucky enough to avoid DC summers so I'm certainly trying to brace myself for the insane humidity that blankets the area - and working on keeping a light wardrobe!

As I will be going and my sweetie will not be, Louie will be heading Upstate to hang out with Winston and with his grandparents for a bit while I settle in. The next few weeks will be quite hectic as I leave NYC (with Louie), head to Atlanta (for my sister's college graduation), and then back Upstate for a few days THEN down to DC. Phew, makes me tired just thinking about it. I just found out that I still have one little stubborn kidney stone hanging out in my right kidney so I want to be extra mindful of managing my stress, anxiety and diet as the more those all spiral out of control, the higher the chance is for the stone to try to pass. Ugh, trying not to think about. (Sorry if all that was TMI - here's my post from the original ordeal a few months back.)

In between all my tasks, I'm enjoying dreaming of a few new things for a new space. And this doesn't even include any of the many Etsy things I'm lusting after.

(Click on each picture to be taken to the source.)

And not to mention, some new fabric from my favorite designer! Certainly saving up for a FQ bundle of the new collection falls within StashPact11 since she's my all time fave.

Hope everyone is having a good week!



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Shop bonanza!

I promised you all that I'd be doing a big shop update and I've been working hard at filling it up! I've gotten a whole bunch of goodies listed so go check it out!

And before you think that maybe I'm some kind of superwoman and made tons of bags in a ridiculously short amount of time, I must confess that these have all been either living in a big box here or at my parents' house for a while now. I attempted to list some of them months ago but needed to really develop my brand more before trying again. I think that I've really connected to a lot of awesome people and groups through the sewing/quilting communities and now am going to break out all my handmade goodies again. Not to mention, make some new ones. Check out this yummy bunch of fabrics, all decorator weight, just begging to be made into bags:Here's the deal: I'm so excited to finally be working in a job that allows me to use all my skills and knowledge from graduate school but am a little nervous about the transition (moving, full work days, etc.) sooo not only do I want to get this stuff out because 1) the warming weather is perfect for cotton bags and 2) I need all the space I can get (and have fewer boxes to pack!) but 3) I also need some serious funds for moving! So help support this little peacemaker and buy some awesome handmade goodies. :)



My wonky solids quilt is featured today on Modern Day Quilts! Yay! :) Big thanks to Heather for posting about my work!


New beginnings

Well, it's finally happened.

I GOT A JOB. A real, honest-to-goodness, master's degree relevant full time job.


For those of you who have been long time readers, you know that this has been quite a process. I am beyond thrilled to let you know that the search is officially over. Your support/positive vibes/encouragement/prayers/etc. has been so important to me - I can't thank you enough!!!

In 6 weeks, I'll be moving back to DC. It's still sinking in...

(Stay tuned for MAJOR updates in my Etsy shop. We're talking HUGE!)


More dog/quilt shots

I made my sweetie's parents a quilt for this past Christmas and kept meaning to get the pictures that his mom took from her so you all could see it in action. Well, here they are! Buster, their hilarious maltese/shizhou mix approved immediately. Right when they opened it up, he made himself right at home on it! I used this pattern with navy and red fabrics (to match their living room).


Always feels so good to get "refreshed."

Working on my Supernova quilt, listing to another fabulous redhead.



I'm back upstate for the weekend (where I grew up, at my parents' house which will always truly be "home") and psyched for a relaxing couple of days. We rented a car for the ride up here and back (SO much cheaper and way more comfortable at this point for 2 adults + Louie) and had an easy time on the road (nope, no snow here - for once!)

This weekend's agenda:
- Hair color appointment (when you've had one person who you trust for 14 years coloring your hair, you make sure to get in to see them when you can!)
- Raiding mom's fabric stash
- Hanging out with these monsters (who - of course - within 5 minutes of seeing each other fell right back into their old, playful ways)
- Trip to Marshall's (=always good finds)
- Lots of yummy food
- Planting my butt on the giant leather couch. Ahhh.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Be sure to stop over and wish my awesome gal pal, Brooke, happy birthday today!!