Ferrous shawl

I finally finished my Ferrous Shawl! This is my first completed shawl. Let me tell you - it started out shaky and then I got the hang of it...then had a bit of a blip at the end. Silly me, didn't do a gauge so I ran out of yarn with about 7 rows to go. Doh! Fortunately, the yarn isn't too expensive and I got it at my LYS. Now I just have to soak this and then block it. Oh yeah, and wait for chillier temps...

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One year from today

On an non-craft related note...

One year from today is my wedding day!!! I'm so excited that I get to marry my best friend, my soul mate, and my better half. We have a bottle of bubbly waiting for us in the fridge to toast tonight.

Have a great weekend all!


Still pining for the pine trees

Couldn't resist the "punny" title. We're back from another fabulous week in Maine and I'm in serious post-vacation depression. :-( It was glorious: lots of reading, relaxing, beaching, knitting, and quality time with my sweetie. We had so much fun and were able to really reflect on what has been a totally insane year (the last time we were there, we were signing our lease for our current apartment and planning to move a month later!). It was really important to get away and take some time to think about "bigger" stuff without the day-to-day stresses. More on that and pictures to come...

Daily routine

Porch lights
The quiet porch

Knitting progress