About Me

My name is Ruth and I live in the busy town of Washington, DC (and no, I don't work for a congressman). I'm a crafty sort of girl and this blog is mostly about my adventures in making stuff. Sometimes it's just about my life. 

  • I'm really short. But most people don't realize how short I am because I'm also really loud.
  • South Africa has - and always will have - a special place in my heart.
  • I have 2 tattoos.
  • While I love fashion, all my crafty hobbies, and cooking/baking, these do not satisfy me professionally (oh, sometimes how I wish they did!).
  • When I was little, I was afraid that I'd get stuck in turtlenecks while putting them on.
  • I also used to think that eating oranges made me laugh.
  • I could eat ice cream for every meal.
  • I love the beach and someday want to live in a place where I can see the ocean from my bedroom window.
  • I love cities but sometimes I dream of living in a small, quiet town.
  • I constantly go back and forth between wanting a simple, straight-forward job and a crazy, knock-your-socks-off international adventure of a career.