A new start

I'm not really someone who believes in New Year's resolutions but I am definitely someone who believes in fresh starts. Since most of us are reluctant to embrace change, starting something completely new comes with a lot of anxiety. However, I want to resolve to not only start many new things but to be excited about them. As the new year approaches (naturally) I've started to think about all this. I have already experienced many fresh starts in the past year: learning to sew, starting my Etsy shop, learning to quilt, moving, ending my academic career (I'm trying to focus on this as a beginning, not an end), etc. I realize that even on my most frustrating days, I have a lovely life and am a very fortunate person. I am happy, healthy, and surrounded by people I love and who love me back, and have many adventures ahead. While many of us have had a tough time this past year financially, emotionally, etc. I do hope that people can take a moment and be happy and thankful for what they do have. I apologize for the cheese factor in this but it's been on my brain. I went to a friend's art show last night, her master's thesis show, and was blown away by her work. I was also blown away that despite living in different cities and at times not connecting for months on end, it felt completely normal to see her. Don't you love that? And please check out her art, it's AMAZING.

So here's to a fresh start: many new projects await, books to be read, a great job is out there somewhere...

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