So behind

These days I feel like I'm behind in so many things: crafty stuff, catching up with people, blogging, and just my life in general. Schools are starting for so many people and while I'm no longer a student, fall always feels like the start of something. Well, usually. This year, I feel like I'm still treading water. I have some things in the works but mostly my life is still in limbo. Hopefully things will progress soon.

I'm terribly behind on my bee stuff. Ugh, so sorry friends! Will try to get working on those soon. I did however get started on a new knitting project - just a simple scarf and realized that I should keep up knitting year round (typically I'm just a fall/winter knitter)...

I finished and delivered the tee shirt quilt...without taking a final pic. Doh! Once I get Erica to take one, I'll make sure to post it here. She loved it and I'm glad that I was able to help her with such a special project.

My sweetie and I were all the way out - and up! - in Salt Lake City this past weekend for a wedding of one of his friends. The bride and groom said their vows on top of a mountain under a glorious sky. It was definitely one of the nicest ceremonies that I've seen and while it took FOREVER to get there (curse on non-direct flights), I'm glad we were there to celebrate with them. Not to mention we were able to take a chair-lift up to the ceremony! Here are some pics!

I'm heading back Upstate to visit my family this weekend. I haven't been there since March which is waaaaaay too long. My head is spinning so I'm looking forward to a chance to chill...

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