More celebrating

Who wants to clean the kitchen, work on finances, or do laundry? Not me. Which is why I've been poking around on Pinterest, figuring out what to bake myself for my birthday (ahem, tomorrow!), and doing other unproductive things. Our sweet friends came over so we could finally give them their wedding quilt (which I finished about 5 months after they got married...oh well) and of course that got me in the mood to sew. Life has been really hectic since Thanksgiving so I'm not even sure which projects I'd dive back into. And of course, I could always start a new one...

But back to Pinterest for a second - I love it! For those of you who haven't checked it out, it's like a virtual bulletin board (actually many bulletin boards - divided up however you'd like). I love it particularly for wedding ideas (wee!), crafty inspiration, and recipes. You can follow me here! Check out some of my picks below:

With practically spring-like weather here, I'm off to walk Louie with another Westie friend. The cleaning will just have to wait.

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