Caught the bug(s)

I've finally caught that mid-winter cold that I always get around this time of year. Fortunately, it's not unbearable and since things are relatively quiet at work (for the moment), I ended up coming home early today and am thinking I'll take it easy tomorrow too to get rid of this bug.

I've also caught another bug, so to speak - the Honey Cowl bug! This adorable knit has been popping up all over the crafty community and I decided to make one using some super soft jade green Mission Falls superwash merino wool.

Speaking of honey...another unfinished project is coming back to life. I finally decided to order the remaining wool needed to finish my Honey Comb sweater (and yes, now is the first time I'm realizing the honey theme!) and it should be arriving tomorrow. I'm bad about getting rid of yarn labels and had accidentally put the label from ANOTHER black Debbie Bliss wool in the bag with this sweater, ordered 3 skeins, and then realized once it arrived that I ordered the wrong weight. Thankfully, I was able to return it and order the correct one.

Glad that I'm not feeling too sick to knit and quilt. Hopefully will have some fun stuff to show soon.

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