Odin's quilt

A very special little boy turned 1 this past week. The adorable son of 2 of my colleagues celebrated his birthday in style - a big party (mostly for grown-ups) with lots of food, fun, and of course presents! I knew that I wanted to make a quilt for Odin months ago. This is one of my favorite completed quilts - I'm so excited that I can share it now. It features some of my most loved fabric - Heather Ross fishies, a Converse sneaker print (his mom owns many pairs) and bright fun prints from some of my favorite lines. Odin's parents both work with me - his mom and I work in the same department - and needless to say we've formed a relationship beyond just work. It may seem corny but making new friends is the greatest.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, especially all you mommas out there!

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  1. Love the quilt. The bright colors just shine forth. A true gift that will last for years and bring so much joy and warmth.


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