Well, hello there! Yes, I'm still here. Are any of you?

As you can tell from the silence around here, things have been BUSY. Work is good, DC is hot (hottest on record - total insanity), and so many exciting things lie ahead.

After months of working hard, planning, waiting, and all other difficult tests of patience and perseverance, I have big news: my sweetie will be moving down here! He has a job (within the same company, just transferring to the DC office) and we will be back to our glorious cohabitation around Labor Day. Apartment details coming soon...

I am beyond happy. This giddy girl is ESPECIALLY happy because today I'm leaving for a week-long vacation to beautiful, relaxing Maine. There will be long beach days, plenty of reading and games, and a long-awaited face-to-face with Brooke (we've been blogging buddies for a year now!). The serene pic below is of my two favorite boys strolling the beach last summer.

I'll be back real soon. :)


  1. Hip, hip hooray! That's awesome news. I know it's been a long few months, and I'm sure you'll be thrilled to live in the same city with your love. And also, yay for meeting Brooke!

  2. looking forward to seeing you!! the weather this week has been a bit cooler (in the 70's) than a few weeks ago (in the 100's).. keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for you guys!
    see you in a few days! :D


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