Ten is a lovely number. Ten is the number of days until my sweetie arrives and we move into our new place!

Yep, we've made it. The past month has been a whirlwind - busy job stuff, vacation to Maine, apartment searching/finding/reviewing the lease, back and forth to NYC to pack... I can't believe it's finally happening!

We spent another glorious week in Maine where we played on the beach, met up with friends, read a ton, and ate a lot of lobster. As always, it was too short but I'm thankful we managed to go at all, considering how busy things have been!

I'll leave you with some pictures from vacation. Next time I'll check in here will be after we're in our new place!!!

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  1. Only 10 days! Awesome. You can definitely manage that. I'm very excited for you! And I'm so glad you and Brooke got to meet in person. :)


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