I'm here!

Well, as you can imagine, life has been a little hectic. Our move went great and we're settling in nicely. We've been busy almost every weekend since we moved, though and have yet to get a few crucial pieces for our new place. Thankfully, this weekend we'll be able to take care of it!

My crafting has obviously been on hold. I'm anxious to get behind the sewing machine again, especially since I need to finish 2 gifts for friends!

Stay tuned...I'll be back on a more regular basis soon. :-)

P.S. My dear friend, Brooke, is in the process of re-opening her fabulous Etsy shop. Check it out here!


  1. glad to see you back ;) got your email, you've got a busy week/weekend ahead! XO

  2. Beautiful photos on this blog, great.


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