DC has ridiculous summers. Seriously. I'm done. It's TOO HOT. Though I must say, today is the first day in a while that I would actually not pout about. I'm sitting here with the windows open... and it only hit 89 today (ONLY?!).

Even more hilarious: I'm the crazy girl who is knitting in this heat. Sitting here in shorts/tee shirt, happy knitting and purling away on cowls and shawls. Totally nuts, I know.

I go through these phases with knitting but I think I'm officially back into it. It really was only one phase and that's because quilting has sort of taken over for the past few years...but now that I'm comfortable with my quilting, it's like I finally have room for both again! Heehee.

Come follow along with my knitting and stashing madness on Ravelry.

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