Maybe I'm not a morning person after all

The past couple of days have allowed me to realize something about myself: maybe I'm not a morning person after all. We're doing inventory at work which requires coming in really early for 3 days and counting (electronically, phew) all items. The upside is that it never takes as long as they think AND there are lots of people there at one time. Downside: it's EARLY...yesterday we had to be there at 7 am (not so bad), today was 6 am (pretty rough) and tomorrow is 5 am (EGADS!). Fortunately, after tomorrow, we're all done and won't have to do inventory for a whole year. Which is great news for me since I won't be working there by then. Phew.

These past 2 days I've come home and tried to nap for a bit but have been unsuccessful. I guess it's OK since I plan on going to bed super early tonight. Oy.

Other news: yay for True Blood starting! Last night's premier episode was good. Woohoo!

Crafty stuff: I've finished my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap and will post some pictures of it probably later today. I also budgeted very carefully these past few weeks and was able to buy myself some of Laurie Wisbrun's Tufted Tweets! Such cute fabric - it makes me wish I could draw.

Excuse my while I try to stay awake...

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  1. I want to marry that stack of fabric! I am going to have to start a budgeting for fabric...my first purchase would be Castle Peeps from Lizzie House and these Tufted Tweets fabrics are a very close second!


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