Where did the day go?

Why is it on the days that you don't have to work, time flies much faster? Seriously! I just looked at the clock and have no idea how it go to be 7:30. That's not to say I didn't get a lot done today, but still. I had many more things on the list, most importantly pictures upon pictures to show you all! But now it's late and the light sucks. Call me cheesy but it being the 1st of the month (um, we won't talk about how ridiculous it is that it's JULY), but I was doing a little reorganizing/cleaning/etc. including taking stock of unfinished projects (quilting ones, my knitting ones are too high to count...). I realized that I have 2 large quilt tops just hanging out in my cabinet! One would make a perfect picnic blanket. Too bad I'm not Wonder Woman (not to mention, out of batting and too broke to buy 5 yards of fabric for backing!) or else I would finish that sucker up and me and my sweetie would have a nice new quilt to use this weekend (which will hopefully be filled with lots of park time). Another one is made of all Kaffe Fassett fabric, featuring these big gorgeous purple flowers! I also have 2 baby quilt tops (but those were more recent so they haven't been laying around unfinished for that long) and more ideas cooking. Not to mention the never-ending hexagons that I can't seem to get enough of... Thanks to G and L for helping beef up my scrap stash! Who knows what those little shapes will become but I can't imagine myself sewing a whole stinkin' quilt of them by hand. Props to those of you who plan on doing that, though!

So now that it's getting even later and I've babbled on and not even shown you any pictures, I may as well go watch some DVRed Top Chef. And pick a project to work on... ;-)

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