I'm actually not a great whistler, nor a great singer but whenever I'm sewing, I'm usually listening to something (I've also been known to have the TV on but I've been doing that less and less lately). I have a pretty eclectic taste in music so it could be anything from Otis Redding to Pink Martini to John Mayer.

Here's the deal with JM: yep, I know he's kind of a tool. But I still love his stuff. My freshman year in college I went to see him at this little venue on South Street in Philly WAAAAAY before anyone knew who he was (and before he slept with ditzy pop stars and got too many tattoos). My friends and I totally stalked him after the show and ended up getting a picture taken with him and getting him to sign a set list that I stole off the stage. Definitely one of my favorite college-years memories.

And I swear, this song will make you smile.


  1. I have an incredible soft spot for John Mayer, and all of his cocky bullshit.. I can't help it. He'll always be my first love ;) I still listen to him all the time. Despite his quircky-ness, he's an amazing artist.

  2. he comes up quite a bit on a couple of my pandora stations and i like his music. not enough to make his own station, but enough to listen and know some of the words. :)


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