Crafting adventures

Woo, it's been a while since I blogged. Sorry about that! Busy, as always. Elections, planning for holidays, new job hours, etc. But all the while I've managed to squeeze in some crafting.

I spent an afternoon a few days ago catching up on my bee blocks...

These are for Susan (Quilting newBEES)
This is for Anita (Fresh Comfort Two)

And these last two are my first paper-pieced blocks! Made for Mary (Bee-Stitched). They were tricky (the second one is definitely filled with flaws) but I had a lot of fun learning this new technique. I've been meaning to try it for quite some time. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do a whole quilt this way but I definitely like the end result!

A few days ago we were assigned our partners for the Pillow Talk Swap Round 4. I've been playing around with some fabric ideas and patterns. We have about a month to complete our pillows and my partner has great, fun taste. This is going to be a joy to make! Here are some fabrics that I've been playing around with...

I've also been working on my holiday projects (though haven't made nearly as much progress as I would have hoped by this point). They always manage to get done, some how. I've been trying to decide what I want for Hanukkah but can't really seem to make up my mind. My birthday is pretty soon after (in January) so I need to think about that too. In these economic times, I'm trying to think practically so I have a few ideas (but that's for another post).

I'll be heading back to my folks' place for Thanksgiving in about a week and a half. I can't wait! My mom got an AccuQuilt Go! Cutter that I'm excited to try out.

I'm done working until Sunday (when I have a 12-hour day - eek!) and am worried I'm getting a cold so Louie and I are just chilling out for the rest of the day. We're both pretty content to hang out on the couch (especially since Louie loves bogarting the quilt!). It's tea and snuggling for us! And maybe a little sewing, recipe reading (mmm, soup anyone?), job searching, etc.

What are your Turkey Day plans?

Fortune favors the brave. – Virgil

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