The big day

I can't believe it's finally here: tomorrow I'm moving down to DC! So many emotions but certainly excitement is at the top of the list.

After a whirlwind few weeks, I'm taking the day to pack up and get organized. Yesterday, I got my haircut - a pretty big change since my hair was down to the middle of my back. It was waaaaay to long (and big!!!) and now that I have a real grown up job, I wanted to a new look to go with it. :) I've had my hair a million different lengths, from pixie cut to long curls, but this look is so perfect! I really love it and think it'll be especially perfect for the steamy DC summer.

No crafty news to report as my sewing machine is currently sitting in my NYC apartment (I'm Upstate at my folks' house). Ah well.

Will report back soon once I'm settled. Wish me luck - my new job starts Monday!!!


  1. Luck! Your hair looks awesome.

  2. Love the hair! Good luck with the move. DC is awesome!

  3. um, your hair looks freaking adorable! ADORABLE!!! i love it. good luck - and keep me posted. <3

  4. We send our best wishes for this big move. And we like the new hair do also.
    Etty Robinson


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