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Today was my first day of work! It went GREAT! People were friendly, welcoming, and helpful. As is typical of most first days, there was a LOT of information thrown at me, and I tried to absorb as much as possible. Phew, going to take a while to get into the swing of things.

I'm settling into the house here just fine. My housemates are very sweet and fun. There are 2 cats that live with us and while I'm not a cat person, these 2 are pretty entertaining. (But man oh man, do I miss my sweet Louie!)

My room is pretty much all set up - it's small and since it's just me, I have a twin bed (outfitted with my sheets from college - talk about flashback) and a few other things. While I don't need to fill it with tons of stuff, I do need a few things for the walls, as it looks a little bare. My cubicle at work too could definitely use some sprucing up! Anyone who wants to send pictures or other pretty things, just let me know... ;-) I'd love make both spaces more homey and more "me".

I'm completely wiped (no surprise) and am waiting for my dinner to finish baking. I'll probably pass out pretty early but I just wanted to check in, say hi, and tell you all that I'm settling in well. I definitely have no energy to sew, so it's not a big deal at the moment that my machine is still up in NYC. I'm sure as I get more used life here, I'll be craving it. Hopefully I'll get it down here soon...

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