We may have a problem.

I'm now addicted to knitting shawls. I'm on number 3.

This might not actually be a problem because a) I am a scarf/cowl/shawl/wrap person the minute the slightest hint of fall settles in and b) I'm only allowing myself to use my stash or buy wool for one project at a time (and fortunately, shawls don't need that much wool).

Seriously folks. It's not even cold out and I'm on #3. (Evidence on Ravelry).

Who wants a shawl for the holidays? I'll start taking orders now...

Wool, now on the needles for Traveling Woman


  1. I really like this Ishbel one!

    You're really skilled girl, awesome :)

    <3 Elisa

  2. At least you have a productive addiction! These look so lovely <3

  3. These are beautiful! I love the detail and the cut of the first one!


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