This year I plan on making most of my holiday presents. In fact, many are already in the works (I'm such a planning geek). I also really want to try to beef up my Etsy shop. With my new full-time work schedule, that leaves little time (or energy!) for sewing. :-/ Hopefully I'll adjust to it soon and will be able to work in more crafting time.

My fabric stash is pretty full so I'm really trying to not buy any new fabric. I've been doing really good and have only bought little things here and there (little by little I'm collecting all of Little Folks voile). I think that there is one collection I want to get for myself (probably in a big fat quarter stack):
(Read more about Tula Pink's "Parisville" here.)

What collections will you treat yourself to this holiday season?

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  1. ooooh, i definitely want to get some of that Parisville also!!

    and i'm kind of excited to see amy butler's new line, it looks interesting. i haven't been big into her past few lines, though.


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