When crafting, where do you find inspiration? I definitely have days when I'm not the mood to be crafty. On those days, I usually try not to force it, as I am fortunate enough to do this as a hobby (without deadlines...usually). However, sometimes I find myself in the mood to quilt/sew/knit but am sort of wishy-washy about where to begin. I love the daily inspirations over at Creature Comforts and am always poking around Flickr and Etsy. I listen to music, go for walks in this busy city, and try to pay attention to details around me (for example, the tiles on the floor of my bathroom are hexagon shaped!). Brooke is working on a second music-inspired quilt and I'm loving her approach.

My sweetie is out of town this week for work so it's just me and Louie. Had another job interview today which always emotionally exhausts me so I'll probably head to bed early. I'm making progress on a whole bunch of projects (as you've probably seen from my last few posts) so I'll get some more pictures up soon.

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