Gifts for all

...including me! Oh thank you, employee discount, and unknown customer who returned these unworn and therefore left me with the opportunity to give them a good home (and for a VERY good price).(Yes, that's a Denyse Schmidt quilt on our bed. Another super discount score. Oh, and my mirror is hung that high because my sweetie is quite a tall drink of water - 6 feet 4 inches - so it made more sense to cut off my feet from daily view as opposed to cutting off his head!)

Well, December is scrambling along. We're now 2 weeks away from heading Upstate (yay!) and less than a month til my birthday (eek!). How is the holiday shopping/crafting going for everyone? I'm not as far as I'd like to be (big surprise) but somehow it always gets done. Of course, I finally decided what I want my sweetie to get me, and it's so awesome that it's going to be a Hanukkah/birthday combined gift. You'll have to wait and see!

With the cold weather, I'm definitely in the mood to stay inside and be crafty. I have a few holiday presents that need to get finished but I'm so inspired by everyone else's holiday craftiness that I have about 5 projects going in my head! Must resist...

We are snowless here in the Big Apple but I just ordered a new pair of winter snow boots. Why is it that snow boots are generally ugly? Ugh, oh well. At least they'll be waterproof! Last winter I completely killed a pair of Uggs by wearing them through the salt and snow. Time for some big, dorky proper waterproof boots. Between that and my crazy warm puffy coat, I look about 5 years old! Oh well...

The next 2 weeks are chock full - visits from out-of-town friends, dinner out with another couple, and of course finishing the holiday crafting/shopping. There is definitely going to be some baking, movie watching, and maybe some ice skating thrown in the mix...

Happy Friday!

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