Reflections - Part II

As of right now, I officially on vacation – yay! I won’t be heading back to work until next Wednesday so I’m definitely a happy camper. Annnddd, I’m leaving tomorrow to head upstate to visit my family. While we don’t celebrate Christmas, my sweetie and his family does so there be plenty of eating, present swapping, movie watching and all manner of relaxing, cozy activities. Not to mention, plenty of snow!

In my last post, I reflected on the past year related to crafty endeavors. This post is a bit more personal. While I have chosen to make this blog mostly about all things crafty, bits of real life sneak in. This post falls in that category. I hope that it inspires you to reflect on your own year gone by and helps you think positively about 2011!

My sweetie and I have been living together in big, bad, New York City for just over a year now. The living together part is GREAT, as we spent the previous 3 years at least 200 miles apart (and during one year it was over 1000 miles apart). We are having a blast sharing physical space and making a home (even though it’s a rental!).

A few things about living in New York City: I can basically sum up living here as a constant love-hate relationship. My whole family is from here; my relatives emigrated from mostly Eastern Europe, going through Ellis Island and building our family here in the Big Apple. My sister and I (as well as cousins) are the first generation to grow up some place else. I spent much of my childhood here when we visited family and always knew I’d come back to live on my own. After college, I did that for almost 2 years before heading down to DC for graduate school. Now I’ve been back and while we don’t want to stay here forever, I find it hard to think about leaving as it’s such a fantastic place. You can’t beat all the restaurants, museums, parks, and general melting pot that is New York. However, it’s loud, dirty, crowded, expensive and has been disappointing on one major front: I have spent a year trying to get a full time job that allows me to use the skills/knowledge from graduate school and have been unsuccessful. This has been emotionally and financially challenging and while I’m trying to stay positive, there have been major changes made to my job search approach that I hadn’t anticipated. But, life goes on and you have to just roll with it. Hopefully, good things await for me in the new year. I’ve been fortunate to hold a job with benefits, but it does not challenge or stimulate me in the way that I long for.

In spite of all my frustration and general ambiguity, I am happy and healthy and thankful for all my wonderful friends, family, and my sweetie. I know that I’m young and only wonderful, exciting and unexpected things lie ahead.

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous New Year. I’ll be back to blogging in 2011!

Cheers! XOXO

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