Winter has arrived

This morning those of us here in the Big Apple spotted the first fluffy flakes of the season. Much to my disappointment, however, they weren't the sticking kind. Meanwhile, back upstate there's plenty of snow - and more on the way! Can't wait to head back up there (in about 2 1/2 weeks!) to play in the snow.

This chilly air makes me want to just snuggle up on the couch with my sweetie, Louie, some quilts, and cozy activities like knitting, reading, TV watching, armed with cookies and hot chocolate. Definitely have to bake this week...I spotted a new cookie recipe coming up on Smitten Kitchen that I'm sure I'll want to try.

I'm working on my holiday gift list, as my sis and my sweetie need some clues. I already know what I'm getting from my folks. It's so awesome that it's going to be my Hanukkah/birthday present: the AccuQuilt Go! Cutter!!!

Making lots of good progress on my quilted holiday gifts. How about everyone else???

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