Monday musings

Whoa, I'm a tired girl. Went to bed too late last night and had to wake up at 5:30 for work. Oh, Mondays...

This week I'm not going to be at work very much, as they've been doing some schedule juggling. That leaves time for the following:

1. Finish quilted presents
2. Send out holiday cards
3. More job stuff (duh)
4. Bring clothes to donate to Salvation Army
5. Clean out file folds and computer (ahh, always like to start a new year off fresh)
6. Finish quilting bee blocks
7. Resume last winter's sweater projects - I haven't dug them out yet and I'm in need of some knitting!

I'll try to blog about the interesting stuff...

This past weekend was a lot of fun - movies with my sweetie, dinner with some close friends. Hope everyone else had lovely weekends!

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