Fun Friday

It's almost 60 degrees here so I'm about to head outside to the park with Louie but wanted to post some crafty stuff first. I spent the morning doing other productive things so once Louie is sufficiently walked (and his paws are super muddy...awesome...) I'll be back in to do some sewing.

Next month is my turn for Quilting newBEES (my other 2 bees have both finished and this one will only have one more month after mine). In light of my StashPact11 promise to not buy any unnecessary fabric, I'm focusing on a scrapbusting block. I made this block for Greta way back for another bee and have decided to use it for my month.

I'm going to supply my fellow quilters with some squares that I specifically want to be used un-cut (2.5") and others that can be used for the half-square triangles (3"). I'm trying to decide what neutral I want to use. I love the gray that we used for Greta's block but I already have a fair number of quilts that I've used gray in recently and I'm thinking I'd like to try something different. I love my Kona Color Card - so helpful! I am also considering some quilter's linen, or grunge.



3" squares - for half-square triangles

2.5" squares - to be kept as they are

I only have one more block that I'm delinquent on so I'll probably work on that this afternoon.

My mom sent me a bunch of stuff this week and I had also ordered a few books online so now I have a selection of crafty reads to enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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