Perfection is overrated

I have never been a perfectionist. I am someone who appreciates meticulous and thoughtful crafting (and general approaches to other things) but am by no means the kind of person who gets bogged down in making things perfect.

Behold the beauty of imperfections, seen in the slightly wonky piecing of my solids quilt.

I totally love this! I think the quilting will be wavy horizontal lines.

I've been crafting here and there over the past few days. It's been quite cold again (sigh) so a lot of time has spent snuggling on the couch with Louie and in front of the sewing machine (me, not Louie - he's not really a quilter...heehee). I ended up powering through a whole bunch of (late!) bee blocks and realized that I only have one active bee right now (and will finish up in April). I've really enjoyed the bees but am pretty much over it, at least for now. I also have been working on my projects for the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap. I made this cute little mug rug in addition to the pear potholders.

Today will be pretty low-key. Laundry, some more sewing, the usual job stuff, and some reading. Almost the weekend!

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