Growing up

I had coffee yesterday with a sweet college friend who I haven't seen in months. She was the one who got married in Hawaii this past July (will forever be sad that my sweetie and I couldn't make it there for the wedding) and she just started a PhD program in September that she's loving. But the best news of all is that she's pregnant!!! She's my first close friend that's pregnant. Now I know that I'm finally growing up. She looks gorgeous and had all sorts of fun pregnancy stories to tell (fortunately, it's been a pretty stress-free pregnancy). She's due in July and you can be sure that a custom quilt will be in the works shortly...

It's been a quiet Saturday here. My sweetie is working (thankfully, from home) so I've been sewing up a storm. I just finished the quilt top for the Timber/AccuQuilt quilt (pictures coming soon). I also made some fun applique tree blocks for Judy in Quilting newBEES.

I think some baking, some more sewing, and definitely a movie will make up the agenda for the rest of the day. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. sounds like you & i are having very similar days, today :) glad you had a nice (and exciting!) visit with your friend! xo
    happy weekend, lady!!


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