Remember this post? Yeah, we had a major drop in the rollercoaster yesterday: kidney stones! (Clearly the mind-body connection through stress/change/etc. is totally real - not that I had any doubts but this past week completely confirmed it). Ugh, who knew at 28 you could get kidney stones? Apparently you can because I did! Even if you eat healthy and try to manage stress.What I thought was something else quickly spiraled into the worst pain EVER. My second trip to the ER within the last year ended with a diagnosis of a few small stones that fortunately passed during my time at the hospital (with only microscopic pieces left, seen in the x-ray). In my nearly 30 years on this earth I have only ever been to the ER three times: once for when a dog bit me while living in London, and now TWICE within A SINGLE YEAR while living here.....

Um, so yeah. So I think it might be time to get outta here. Come on DC...don't fail me now...

(Today I am feeling MUCH better. And armed with a whole slew of strong meds just in case. We're taking it easy for the weekend here - lots of down time - and I'll go in to see my regular doctor for a full work up this week.)

Now back to the GU/SU basketball game (we live in a divided house here so it's getting heated!)


  1. Eeek, my little sister had one two years ago (she was 14 at the time) and had to have surgery. You are very lucky yours passed! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. aww! i was wondering where you were/what you were doing.. i guess that explains it!! i hope you're feeling better - what a crummy thing to happen!! fingers crossed for you <3

  3. Sucko! I hope you're feeling much better now.


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