Home sweet home

I've been living in my new digs with my sweetie and Louie the Westie for about 2 months now and we're loving the space. Last weekend my mom was here and came up with an awesome new set up that we're going to try. The short story is we live in a typical NYC apartment (=bizarre shape) but loooove homey spaces so we're off to Macy's to order a love seat. We're still waiting on our custom sofa for our living room (note: we have a fabulous 2 bedroom duplex where the second "bedroom" is downstairs and is used as our living room).Being young, new roommates, and on a serious budget (read: MAJOR student loans) we're trying to be as creative as possible. We've been lucky enough to travel a lot to incredible places so our home is filled with souvenirs and quirky things. We fortunately also have the same taste in terms of decorating and furniture!

We have a bunch of really special things around, one of which is an authentic Denyse Schmidt quilt for our bed that my mom bought us as a housewarming present. She got it on super sale on a discount housewares website. It's GORGEOUS and the dog is definitely not allowed on it. Oooh, and my sweetie's favorite colors are blue and orange (Syracuse alum).

Speaking of discount websites, I got my daily email from One King's Lane today and this rug was for sale - doesn't it look just like a Denyse Schmidt quilt?!

Anyway...so glad it's Friday even though my sweetie has to do some work this weekend. This was a pretty lame week for the job search (read: not much came up). Still waiting to hear about part-time retail work AND if I made it to second round for a real job (fingers crossed!!!)

Happy weekend!

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