A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I'm in sort of a random mood today. I think all this chilly weather is getting to my head (though it's practically a heat wave with the thermometer hitting 37 degrees here in the Big Apple). My sweetie's parents had the right idea and escaped.


1. The pipes in our apartment building are making a weird noise. It sounds like a washing machine gone wild but after calling the super he informed that in fact, it is the pipes and they're working on it. Just hope the wall doesn't explode (and I can still take a hot shower!)

2. My sweetie and I have perfected a chocolate chip cookie recipe after catching a tip on the Food Network: make the dough and refridgerate for a few days. I promise, your cookies will taste amazing! (The ones we made last week are all gone.)

3. I started free motioning on my crazy Tina Givens quilt. It's a lit
tle scary but also exciting. I'm just doing horizontal waves across the whole thing. Even after just working on a little bit, it already looks really neat!

4. 36 hours until I'm a year older. Yikes.

5. The apartment is looking better and better. I got this nifty cleaning device for the blinds in our place and it seems to help. A little. Sadly
, our couch is still (gulp) probably a month away. Oh couch, if only you knew how much we're anticipating your arrival. We're tired of sitting separately in a too-small La-Z-Boy and awkward disc chair (but the dog loves it).

6. I finished my first sweater of the season! It was the one I mentioned a few months back. I still need to put the hooks and buttons on it but I promise I'll take a pic as soon as it's completely finished. Woohoo! As for now, I'm working on this one in black:

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