Starting over

I wouldn't really consider myself a perfectionist (despite being a Capricorn). I like a clean house but some dust here and there, even after the weekly clean, doesn't bother me. I'm not the most careful dishwasher (and constantly get made fun of for this by my sweetie/roommate). In all my crafting, you can usually find little errors - but that's what's makes them special! However, I've been staring at my latest completed quilt and have decided the binding looks crappy. So I ripped it all out. Yep, all of it. I realized that I cut the strip too wide in an attempt to make it easier to do machine binding for the whole process but it ended up coming out sloppy. So now I'm back to pinning it on and haven't decided yet if I'm going *gulp* hand bind the back.

Wish me luck.

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  1. The ol' we learn from our mistakes.......your quilt is lovely......vibrant. Glad to see you got connected on the Block Party Flickr discussion board....be persistent.....you guys should be able to get something going! Your Mom is in a Bee that I'm in and she was hoping to get you connected......I sent her the link to the Block Party site......the world is getting smaller via the WWW. Cheers!


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