We're really grown ups now

For everyone who has ever been young, broke, and living in one of their apartments/houses/etc. then you'll appreciate my post today. All through college I lived on campus, except for one semester spent abroad where I lived in a campus apartment. Since college, I've lived in two different apartments by myself, one here in the Big Apple and another one in DC during grad school. Now I'm in my third grown-up apartment, sharing a glorious 2 bedroom with my sweetie. Today we officially became grown-ups: we have our very own couch!

Now I know that you must be chuckling to yourself, as even I am, but you also know exactly what I mean. After countless futons, hand-me-down chairs, even a loaner couch from my landlord, neither of us ever had our own, brand spankin' new couch. And now, we have the first of two!

Our adorable loveseat from Macy's arrived today. The dog loved it immediately. While the couch was the highlight of the day, the rest of it hasn't been too bad! I found a few good job listings, had coffee with a college friend, and am baking cookies (how domestic!). I might get to squeeze in some quilting (check out my progress!)...

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