How much would you pay?

There's a lot of scavenging that comes with quilting, particularly for hard to find or out of print fabrics. One such designer that is always in this category is Heather Ross, as almost all quilters know. Some of her prints from "Lightening Bugs and Other Mysteries" go for $40/yard on eBay.

Frankly, in this day and age, I can't justify spending that much on fabric. While it's lovely and yes, there's always a thrill to having something rare, it's just fabric and there are so many wonderful and talented designers out there whose fabrics make wonderful quilts.

It does appear, however, that we may all get another chance to get Lightening Bugs at a somewhat reasonable price: on Spoonflower! Check out this post from Heather's blog. Seems like we might all be able to get those cute fishies after all...

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  1. Like you, I just can't justify that kind of cost for fabric. Cute, yes, but I wouldn't be able to give the quilt away if it cost $300-400 to make! I'll have to stick with fabric that makes a pretty quilt for a reasonable price. It's nice that Heather is offering her fabrics through Spoonflower so we can all enjoy them. Great alternative and thanks for letting us know!


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