Practice and Inspiration

I'm very new at quilting but am definitely ambitious about trying new techniques. With the two bees that I'm in, I'll be able to sharpen my skills and try new designs. I've been doing some playing around lately as I've been reading blogs, tutorials and joining Flickr groups. Here's some of what I've done so far.

This was the continuation from my previous post where I started paper piecing using this tutorial. I really like how this looks and could see how a quilt like this would be beautiful! I'm not sure if I'm going to make a whole quilt or maybe just a pillow?

This was my go at Oh, Fransson's! Map of the States tutorial. I just used scraps to practice so the colors aren't exactly pretty but I wanted to try it before deciding to do a whole quilt like this. I think it's a go!

My sweetie LOOOOOVES the Olympics so since it's started, we've basically had the TV on whenever events are on. This is fine with me because while I like the summer ones better, there's been some very exciting moments so far. (And who DOESN'T watch figure skating?) It's also made us want to be snowboarders! I'm not sure how this will actually go since I'm not very athletic and my sweetie (who is athletic) tends to have kluzty moments so...we'll see...maybe next winter. But I do marvel at the sport! Not to mention those awesome pants that Team USA wears meant to look like distressed jeans. How crazy is that!? Leave it to me to want to try something, especially because it has cool clothes...


  1. I SO want to learn how to snowboard. Especially now, because I SO want to wear those pants!

  2. Looks great, I like the first one best and have been wanting to try that too.


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