As a new quilter, there are a MULTITUDE of techniques to master. At every step, there are little things to pay attention to that will add up to a pleasing final product. It's important to select fabric that coordinates (sometimes!), crucial to accurately cut (VERY important and the hardest step for me), and then layout and sewing itself. One of the more commonly used techniques in quilting is triangles and it seems that are a gazillion different ways to do them. Rachel seemed to have the most straight-forward way of doing half square triangles so I decided to do those. While my corners don't match up in all the places, I'm pretty happy with the results. At first I wasn't sure the colors would work but I definitely think a certain kind of mommy will like this:
...or maybe not. Every few minutes I go back and forth between hating and loving it.

The reason I'm working on baby quilts (no babies here and don't actually have any pregnant friends - I know, I know, I'm so young) is because I've been thinking about selling some through my shop in Etsy. I think it would be a great way to a) practice quilting - duh! b) use up some fabric since pretty soon my sweetie will go crazy with all that we have in our tiny apartment c) make some moolah (ugh, my sad little bank account!) and d) meet other great people who appreciate quilts!

But I'm *gulp* nervous and afraid no one will like them or buy them. I'm not usually an insecure person but many areas of my life are so unsettled now that the anxious monster keeps rearing its ugly heads.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hugs?


  1. Go for it! You'll never know if you don't try : )

  2. Hug, hug. Yes, go for it. I like your so-dotty quilt. Look around for some border fabric. I don't know what will go, but you have good instincts - you'll pick out the right thing.

  3. Go for it! All else fails, your friends will start having babies and you will be a step ahead.

    ALSO- I love that fabric!

  4. I just bought these prints at fabric.com and was having the same ideas of a quilt. i think it's great, and worth a try to sell on etsy! good luck!!


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