I woke up to a wonderful surprise: I sold this adorable bag from my Etsy shop! I've been a bad shop mommy, and have neglected my shop for a few weeks now. But that's only because I've been busy with other things. Not to mention, I've been stewing over new ideas for spring...
We didn't get much snow from this so-called storm that's pounding other parts of the East Coast. It's so funny - I move away from DC and they have one of the craziest winters! It's like I left my Upstate NY karma back in the District. Sorry guys!

My sweetie got saddled with another big project this weekend and had to head out to Queens today. I'm sad but we both knew that this first job would be like this. We deal with it because he's making decent money and it's only temporary. Still, we were looking forward to spending some time together this weekend! Hopefully he won't have to work tomorrow - too bad I will (but it's only for four hours).

So I'm going to be domestic today and cook and clean up a bit and of course do some sewing and knitting. Mmm, and I think cupcakes may be on the menu...

Oh, we did get some other wonderful news: our couch is FINALLY ready and will be delivered next Saturday, just in time for the Olympics. Yay! Ahh, can't wait! (It's the simple things, right?)

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