Weekend happenings

Today was a busy day. My sweetie and I ran errands, the highlight of which was buying organic herbs to plant on our patio! Woohoo! (Note: send me good green-thumb vibes as I think I've killed every other plant I've ever owned. Fortunately herbs don't require much care.)

I went to a bridal shower today of a college friend whose wedding I unfortunately can't attend... because it's in Hawaii. Yep, on the North Shore (near where they film LOST!). She's originally from Chicago, IL and her fiance is Australian and Hawaii is basically mid-way. I would LOOVE LOOOVE LOOOVE to go but again, my bank account says otherwise. However, it was so fun to go to her bridal shower (which was a "bridal tea") and see old college friends who always make me feel good, no matter what. I looooooved college and it will always be a special and magical place. Somedays I really wish I could just go back.

Now my sweetie is at a soccer game and me and the dog are home vegging out (and maybe doing some quilting) because I have to go to work at 7 am tomorrow.

Who is ready for a real job with real money and real weekends? ::raising hand::

Hope YOU have a good Sunday.

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