After what feels like an official start to summer (temps near 90 these past few days) we woke up to a downpour. Sticky, hot summer-like rain. Fortunately it seems to be letting up... Hard to enjoy sandal-worthy temps when the rain stirs up all the mud/gunk here on the streets of NYC. Yech.

Anyway...this weekend seemed to fly by. On Saturday, I met a wonderful bunch of women a the New York City Metro Modern Quilt Guild at our second meet at Victoria's loft. And great news! We're featured today on the Modern Quilt Guild website! (And there's a picture of yours truly with one of my New Wave quilt tops.)

I did very little sewing but a number of other things were crossed off the to do list. Most importantly, we swapped air conditioners with a very nice couple. Our windows have security bars that prevent us from using a window unit (which we had) and instead we needed to get a portable floor one (which this other couple had since they USED to live in an apartment with windows like ours). We made a successful swap - woohoo! Now, Louie and I are sitting here enjoying the nice cool air instead of just the humidity.

There was some grocery shopping, some furniture rearranging (then re-rearranging...don't ask) and a few hours of work (ugh). I'll be working a lot the next few days so excuse the radio silence. I'll be back with some pictures of my latest WIPs - I promise!

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