More musings

My sweetie and I had a lovely weekend with his folks. They spoiled us rotten with entertainment and food. I'm still contemplating the wonderful lessons from the Dalai Lama's talk. Now it's back to reality (aka figuring out how to make pasta exciting and watching Louie for fun).

It's hot here. This makes me so happy. Mmm, summer.

I got a little promotion at work. Nothing major but every little bit helps, right?

I scrapped the circles and have decided to go with one big wonky log cabin.

Things that have me laughing right now: Smitten Kitchen's adorable baby; this awesome book of essays (which I normally don't like but this makes me laugh out loud, prompting bizarre looks from subway companions).

It's been one year since I finished graduate school. This is probably the most bittersweet issue in my life right now.

Now is the right time. – Lotus Sutra

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  1. I made two wonky log cabin wall hangings in the past few months without templates or decent rulers, inspired by the Gee's Bend creations.


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