In light of all the ups and downs lately, I decided last week to pull a whole stack of favorite fabrics and make a largish lap quilt (bigger than some of the ones we already have but slightly smaller than twin size). I think this was because I find that quilts are very comforting. During tough times, it makes me feel better to knit/read/watch TV/snuggle with Louie and my sweetie/etc. with a quilt. Why not make one that had a whole bunch of fabrics that I really loved?

I looked through my quilting books and ended up choosing a Kaffe Fassett pattern, adapted with my own picks.
I have been taking my time with this quilt. I've really enjoyed playing with all the fabrics and it's come together in a lovely way. It's going to be a big quilt so that even my sweetie's feet won't stick out if he's covered up. Here's a sneak peek...

I think I'm going to use solid gray for the border and make a pieced back (yay for keeping with StashPact11). I might even have enough batting. If not, I'll wait for a Michael's coupon to pick some up super cheap.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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