A new project

Yep, I've started something new. Still waiting to hear about DC and so therefore needed another distraction, a productive one at that. Lee is hosting a great quilt-along on her blog so I figured I'd join in.

After originally planning to use my Katie Jump Rope fabric for a different quilt, I decided that I wanted to use it for the quilt-along instead. I've spend the last few nights ironing and cutting up my carefully hoarded...*cough*...I mean preserved stash of the hard-to-find fabric - and it felt great! Not to mention, I still have a whole bunch left which will now get dispersed for use in other projects.

I've finished the main cuts and am now playing around with block arrangement. The mosaic below isn't the final order of the blocks but I wanted to prove to you all that I did in fact slice up the fabric. Yay! (And more points for me on my StashPact11.)The blocks start with 3" strips of fabric. I'm now moving on to more specific cutting. Her design uses 9 blocks but I'm going to make (another) big quilt and use 12 instead, especially since I STILL have fabric left. I'm going to use either white or neutral Kona cotton for the solid. If you're interested in joining the tutorial, check it out here and follow all the participants' progress in the Flickr group.


  1. I'm planning on doing this one too but with just grays and blues. I am still trying to gather up fabrics. I still need to order some more as well. But isn't that 1/2 the fun :)

  2. It will look fantastic in your special fabrics. If I wasn't already overextended, I would definitely join this QAL. It looks like a neat pattern!


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