A new day

I'm doing much better today. We all have up and down days. I think it's important to take note of both.

It's been a long week. I'm heading to work this afternoon, then having dinner with my new friend, Meredith. She and I bonded right away, during the first week of opening the store. She and I were wearing matching gray TOMS and were discussing Passover plans. I immediately knew she was someone I'd like to get to know as she hilariously explained that she always miscalculated the first night and ended up having her Seder on the 3rd night. I'm really looking forward to time with her outside the store.

The weather is finally warming up here again and hopefully will stay that way. Possibly into the 80s tomorrow! Ahh, so ready for summer!

I've been BUSY crafting this week, as you probably read. I'm determined to make more items for my Etsy shop. I've completed 3 1/2 baby quilt tops. I think I may have to buy some batting but should be able to get a couple of them quilted by next week. Keep a look out here, in my shop, and on Flickr...

Tomorrow I'm heading to the 2nd meeting of the New York City Metro Modern Quilters Guild! Since we're a new chapter, our meeting will mostly be brainstorming about what we'd like to do. Psyched to meet V and Amy, since I've been a reader of both of their blogs for a while now.

What are you weekend plans? Hope they're fun!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures recently. I promise some soon.)

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