Big tops

I have 2 tops to show you today. One is from the lovely ladies of Bee-Stitched, which has actually been done for a while now. It came out great - thanks ladies!

I also just finished my Supernova top - and it's so awesome (and huge, as you can see - my sweetie is holding it up and he's 6'4"!).

Sorry for the dark pics - I just wanted to take some quick shots and it's pretty gloomy outside so we just snapped some in our apartment. I'll take better pics once they're all done.

And just another Louie glamour shot, snuggling with a quilt (yep, he did this himself!).


  1. those are both so awesome! thanks for posting these so i can get motivated to hopefully do some sewing this weekend!! ;) i love the subtle colors in all the different blocks in the first one, and the KJR looks great in that supernova pattern!

  2. Your supernova is sooo beautiful! Really lovely.


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